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Saturday October 16th 2021
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»Whatsapp Tricks

How to Corrupt a WhatsApp Group

As like above trick, the idea is to send so much heavy text in group that it will become unresponsive and everyone will be forced to leave the group. Just open your WhatsApp in WhatsApp Web, open the target group, type around 3000 emoji. You can just do copy paste after typing few tens or hundreds of smileys. Finally send it to the target group and disconnect your WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp Non-Responsive

Now, whoever try to open the group will have his WhatsApp not-responding. So after facing so much trouble, they will be forced to leave the group.

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Disclaimer: These were all the WhatsApp Tips, Tricks, Tweaks, Hacks and Secrets that we have found till now. If you know any other interesting trick, please share it in the comments section below. All the WhatsApp Tips and Tricks we are providing through this article are for educational purpose only. Neither we nor WhatsApp (or any other app/service) will be responsible for any inappropriate use of these tricks.

If you're planning to become one of the smartest WhatsApp users, you can achieve that by learning all the tricks provided here in detail.

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